ChrisPNW ý - Mar 23, 2012
I am finally seeing an end to nearly ten years of back and neck pain because of Dr. Tsong's expert chiropractic treatment. It was not until Dr. Tsong took x-rays that I realized my chronic pain was due to curvatures in the lumbar and thoracic vertebrae and a straightening of my cervical vertebrae. The Doctor pointed out these irregularities and correctly inferred that they were the result of several traumatic falls and that I might be experiencing ringing in my ears and pain or tingling in my fingers (both correct). X-rays taken after 6 weeks of treatment show marked improvements in the alignment of my spine. I no longer have debilitating lower back pain and my neck no longer hurts when I look downwards for extended periods of time. I was skeptical at first that chiropractic care could treat my ailments, but Dr. Tsong has done more to improve my condition in six weeks what nearly a year of physical therapy could accomplish. I have also received excellent massage therapy from Jeff who has been able to tame the excessive muscle tightness I was experiencing. I am a discerning customer when it comes to medical care and will walk out of a clinic if I feel they are not meeting my needs, but I have no need to look any farther than Woodway Chiropractic for treatment and I look forward to improving my condition with each visit.

My job is pretty sendentary. I sit in front of a computer all day long with frequent phone calls. I had been suffering from bad tension headaches with neck tightness going down to my left shoulder blade. My headaches were there at the end of the day, pretty much everyday and my neck and shoulder was bothering me all the time. I took some prescription meds to ease the discomfort, but it always came back too quickly. My coworker referred me to Dr. Tsong at Woodway Chiropractic and Massage and assured me he could help. Dr. Tsong performed some exams and was able to pinpoint all the right spots where it hurt. He went over the xrys with me which totally explained all my problems and he was able to connect them to all the activites I was doing wrong at work and home. He adjusted me on the 2nd day and I felt the relief in my neck and shoulder right away! I slept like a baby that night! I'v been following Dr. Tsong's care and excercises he taught me for 3wks and I feel healthier than ever. All the staff at Woodway is friendly and genuine and provide excellent services. I can't thank Dr. Tsong and all the staff enough! I feel like I 'm in control of my own health now and I have a team of people who can help along the way. Thank you Dr.Tsong and Woodway!

Laura C from Lynwood.

tk ý - Mar 26, 2012
Comfortable experience with Woodway Clinic. Dr. Tsong is very easy to approach and very knowledgable. I have been going to his clinic for routine spine adjustments and I like how he takes his time to explain what he is doing. His approach seems very thorough and complete. This clinic is perfect for busy people like me because I don't like to wait in an office too long. BTW this clinic also has nice massage service as well.


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